Friday, July 3, 2015

Magic Mike XXL in Channing Tatum's chart

Actor Channing Tatum’s chart has Venus Out of Bounds (27d19m20s N). This perfectly demonstrates how important his looks are. There is more in his chart that helped him to become a model. His astrological profile is in line with other attractive males. 

Attractive males often have Venus in Virgo or Capricorn and Saturn in aspect with Venus or Ascendant and placements in Taurus and Libra, too. That is what I said and you see the examples in the article :
 Channing Tatum’s hour of birth is unknown. That means that the position of his Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven are unknown. But at least we know that Magic Mike XXL has:

Sun in Taurus!
Venus exactly square Saturn!
Moon in either Virgo or Libra

Male sex symbols have this…

It is not enough to be a good looking, 'cool' guy. This male sex symbol also drew attention. On the day of his birth, Sun in Taurus didn’t make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. That is a ‘calling’ Sun! When Sun's are not aspected in a chart, this person will somehow (anyhow) seek attention. 

You also need to be on the right place at the right moment and have a nice progressed chart. In 2005/2006 (debute and break through) his progressed Sun changed sign to make a square with Jupiter. A progressed Sun changes sign when your life style changes. Jupiter is the symbol of success, progression and growth. When the progressed Sun makes an aspect with Jupiter you progress in life. Or grow XXLJ:)

Right now, his progressed chart has Sun square Mars, to highlight his male energy. With Sun square Mars you are likely to be driven, energetic and (if your gender allows it) purely male. 

Perhaps his chart with hour of birth reveals more  about his career. Here is his chart without DOB. It is the chart of the day of birth (in the USA). 

In England, Marlon King (see Wikipedia) was born on the same day. He is in jail now (for reckless driving) and his football contract has been cancelled following accusations of sexual assault. In 2005 (Progressed Sun square Jupiter, for success, like Chaning) he was top scorer. There is a Mars square Uranus aspect for speeding in this chart, too. You see, it is up to you (and your situation/circumstances) what you do with life. Perhaps it is also in the hour and place of birth and the placement of Mars. And in the fact that OOB Venus lacks control. 

An OOB Venus is like a 'calling' Venus (Venus without major aspects): somehow, anyhow you want to enjoy yourself, look good and have fun. It can be done on a high level of esthetics or in the world of entertainment. Or you just want to please yourself. 

PS In this chart there is also a Mercury-Pluto-Saturn combination in the chart of April 26, 1980. That is for strategy in communications (and almost in every politician's chart). There are multiple choices to be made and of course they are limited by social circumstances and the hour/place of birth with crucial placements. 


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Monday, June 29, 2015

Europe and Euro today

Heavy transits are tormenting the charts of the Euro and Europe (Treaty of Rome)! The problems with Greece are being reflected by the astrological situation:
1 Saturn is semi square Pluto points at boomerang effects and frustrating setbacks of values (Euro goes down)
2 Saturn in Scorpio is inconjunct the Midheavens of Euro and Europe, in ths final degree of Gemini. As Saturn is Retrograde, this aspect will come back!
3 Pluto is quindecile the MCs of Euro and Europe, stressing the markets to a point of obsession

In the progressed chart we see Sun conjunct Venus as a sign of peace and harmony while the inconjunct of Saturn shows the end of a period and lost status. For some reason it is hard to post 2015 pictures, so:

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Michael Jackson's chart and the day of death

In 2008 I wrote about the chart of Michael Jackson and mentioned that 23:55 was my favorite hour of birth for the pop star. Now it's 7 years later. Meanwhile I learned about Pholus. Today I noticed the alternative data on Astrodatabank (19:33) coming from Charkrapani Ullal, a Vedic astrologer. Both hours of birth (23:55 and 19:33) show the pattern of artistic talent. Also, the Pisces Moon and Saturn have important positions, either angular or elevated, in both natal charts. While the 19:33 chart has an MC in aspect with Moon, Venus and Neptune, the 23:55 has Moon, Venus and Neptune connected with minor aspects and Venus opposition MC.  Moon is in Pisces. I'll tell you why I think that 19:33 is the right hour. It is because of Pholus on the day of death.

The Ascendant for 19:33 hours is 10:07 Pisces. On the day of his death we see relevant transits and progressions:
1.transit Pholus (symbol of the point of no return) was 10:05 Sagittarius Retrograde. That is an exact square with the Ascendant.
2. midpoint Sun/Moon at 10:31 Sagittarius in an almost exact conjunction with transit Pholus for a turning point in motivations.
3.  the Progressed Midheaven had recently been inconjunct the natal Sun. This mirrors an unhealthy status.
4. the Progressed Sun had been sesquisquare the Ascendant for a frustrating unhealthy situation.
5. transit Chiron was trine progressed Sun to show that healing was needed.
6. the progressed chart has Pholus close to Midheaven.
7. progressed Jupiter ruler 8 at 8Sc34 is almost square natal Pholus
8. transit Lillith semisextile Saturn

Here is the chart of 19:33 with the transits and progressions of the day of death, June 25, 2008
Still, I think it is rather amazing that there is no hard indication for danger of death, and that Pholus keeps coming back 4 times. Pholus is also the symbol of venom and shooting your own feet. That seems to be valid, even if your feet are dancing feet and even if you can dance the Moon Walk.


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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The USA Ascendant, Ceres, Uranus and the nervous melting pot

The USA chart with Sagittarius rising in the 9th degree has Uranus opposition Ascendant and both square Ceres and in aspect with Eris and Nessus. In this post I wonder if the Ascendant degree explains the exciting and often nervous and angry melting pot and the importance of roots for the nation.

Dwarf planet Ceres is the symbol of motherhood, seeds, genes and roots. Uranus is the symbol of upheaval, independence, alienation and change (and more...).
Janduz*) called the 9th degree of Sagittarius one of 'exaltation' and the picture is that of a burning fire near a house that has been set to fire. 
The Sabian Symbol for 8-9 Sagittarius is:
A Mother Leads Her Small Child Step By Step Up A Steep Stairway

Maybe the phoenix rising combines both pictures?

The history of the USA is a history of immigrants. It all started when immigrants drove the original inhabitants from their lands. We all know what happened next and what is going on today. The USA chart could be read (with the Ceres-Uranus conflict in mind) as 'racial instability' and 'alien roots'. As Eris symbolizes discord and Nessus revenge, with the 9th degree of Sagittarius there were conflicts on the the USA's horizon from the start.

The Ascendant-Descendant line of the USA Sagittarius rising chart with Uranus-Ceres (and Eris-Nessus) seems to tell us about a boiling melting pot. Jupiter rules Sagittarius. The planet of the 'international' rises before the USA Sun. Fortunately, Jupiter makes everything grow and gives hope.

*) About Janduz' book More about Ceres

All about Ceres on Astropost:

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Grand duchess Anastasia June18, 1901 - July 17, 1918

For years there was a rumor that Grand Duchess Anastasia survived the slaughter in Russia, but it seems that she was murdered together with her family members on July 17, 1918. Her chart shows hard transits on that day:

1. Transit Mars sesquisquare Sun (being targeted, risk to get hurt)
2. Transit Uranus ruler 8 inconjunct Ascendant (a nervous shock and possible deadly incident)
3. Transit Pluto square Progressed Midheaven (stress and dangerous position)

As there are 3 violent aspects at the time, there is a risk for a major dangerous event. With the involvement of the 8th house, this crisis could end life itself.

In the natal chart we see (apart from an angular Mars), Ceres (dynasty, genes) square the Ascendant (circumstances, name, appearances) and Pholus (turning point, trigger point) reflecting the changing circumstances related to the importance of being a member of the Tsar's family.

The body of Anastasia was lost for decades and impostors tried to make the world believe that she was the sole survivor. For more about Anastasia:

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