Wednesday, May 11, 2016


It is almost inevitable: Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the USA. Democrats won’t vote for a Republican and many Republicans won’t vote for Donald Trump. The astrological prospects are OK, too, though there might be nasty aspects with Moon, Ascendant or MC that we don’t know of, because her hour of birth remains a secret. This limits the astrologer, but there is still a lot to see in her chart. We know that she is a very ambitious woman and we can see that in the chart. How? See the article here:

Now I found another interesting key to success in her progressed chart.

In the progressed chart Jupiter rises before the Sun since 1983 and that is a good sign if you want a president who is open, optimistic and with a broad orientation.
In 1983 she got an important function ( ) in Arkansas. That was the year that changed her life. The progressed chart shows it.

Instead of Neptune rising before the Sun since the day she was born, the progressed conjunction with Jupiter in 1983 changed her orientation. She used to be idealistic in the first place. Jupiter altered that. Jupiter is the planet of traveling, the international, success and education (the higher level). She also changed her name to Hillary RODHAM Clinton in that year.

Conjunctions of the progressed Sun signal a very important change in the way that you continue. When you were born with Saturn rising before the Sun, your parents are of utmost importance and anything ‘classical’ or ‘official’, too. When later in life your progressed Sun is conjunct Mars (and Mars becomes the first to rise) you will have a different perspective and become more assertive, active and fiery than you were originally. You may look like a different person, from reserved to fiery.
The planet rising before the Sun is the planet of orientation. See the posts about the meaning of your first rising planet:

This planet shows you the way. Often it is Venus (wanting a partner) or Mercury (wanting to be a writer) that is first rising. When it is the Moon you will be interested in children and in your own folks, when it is Jupiter you will be interested in travelling and higher education. If it is Saturn, you will be very ‘classical’ and your parents are important.

Let me show you what happened to me.

The progressed conjunction of Sun and Mercury was in May 1971, marking the period of change due to marriage and changing my name, using my husband’s. There is no other progressed conjunction in my life.

It is quick and easy: you find the progressed conjunction in the ephemeris, taking one day for a year after birth. In my 21st day after birth the Sun was conjunct Mercury.

When the progressed Sun is conjunct a natal planet, there Is no change in orientation. It marks the start of a new period in life.

Q: how did the conjunction with the planet rising before the sun at birth, change YOUR life.

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Astrology chart of Prince

Now that Prince died, strange stories about his private life keep popping up. In my country someone memorized that she refused an invitation to see Prince in his room out of fear for a gang bang. That seemed a little odd, but it keeps coming. The Fifty Shades turn pale when you read about torture rooms, dominance (women not allowed to look him in the eyes and lovers kicked out of bed). Now what about the chart? Here is the chart with transits and progressions of the day that he died. 

 His birth chart has an important Mars. Mars is the planet of enterprise, action, sex... Because Mars is an outer planet and is the first outer planet to rise before the Sun, Mars is important. Mars is in the 5th house of entertainment, inconjunct ruler 1 (Pluto). Hugh Hefner has that, too. Mars inconjunct Pluto is the symbol of being powerless or overdoing 'it' when it comes to sex.

His 'shining' star, Mars rising before the Sun, the angularity of Moon and Pluto...It all points at an active person, sometimes snobbish who demands attention (perhaps because of enormous needs and desires). The combination of fire and earth point at creativity, just like Moon in Pisces trine Neprune does. Venus square Uranus is frequent in the charts of modern pop singers with sense of rhythm, while Mercury in Gemini as final ruler of the Midheaven-routing is a nice statement for a profession that needs the use of voice and/or pen.  The Sun in Gemini, Moon in Pisces and Ascendant Scorpio make a complicated and secretive character (did you see his house and studio?).  Universal Tao Products has a nice description of the combination of Sun Gemini and Moon Pisces here:

When his little son died in 1996, transit Pluto quindecile natal Sun mirrored a strong obsession and intense drama. In his natal chart Pluto is quintile Sun (for creative survival) and the parallel aspect between Sun and Pluto shows us the importance of this quintile. Wanting to dominate in a creative way? 

This year Pluto had been inconjunct natal Sun. This transit points at a period of tests and danger. On his last day, transit Neptune was inconjunct Progressed MC. Doesn't Neptune always pop up when there is mystery or when there are drugs, alcohol or medication involved? Neptune also pops up when rumors start...

PS whenever and as long as I can, I will keep publishing here:).

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Why it is so silent on Astropost

Are you wondering why it has been so long since I published something new? Sorry to have to inform you that serious illness and pain keep me away from my laptop for a while longer. Maybe transit Uranus trine my MC and Sun changes things a bit:), end of this month. Thanks for your interest in Astropost!

Kind regards,


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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Transit Chiron with Mars and Pluto is a pain

You may have noticed that there are fewer messages on this blog than used to be. It is because since mid November last year when transit Mars hit my Saturn, I have an increasing pain and can't move my upper right leg. It might be because of a muscle problem, but it takes more doctor's knowledge to be sure (I will be informed Monday). I have a list of 6 nasty transits and progressions to accompany what I consider the main indication for my situation:
Transit Chiron in Pisces is conjunct my progressed Mars and inconjunct my progressed Pluto. In the progressed chart Mars is inconjunct Pluto.

Chiron is supposed to be the healer, but there MUST be something to be healed, of course. Mars-Pluto is a great indication (in my astrologer's eyes) for getting hurt when using on overdose of force. I  used that when I tried to be stronger than my French Bully:). She pulled one way, I wanted to go the other way and when I turned and pushed, something snapped. That was Mars-Saturn. The other nasty things are listed below. It is depressing, especially because I completely depend upon my husband for almost everything. In the past weeks things got worse and now I even have a wheel chair and a lovely friend to walk me around the pond when the sun shines.

If you see this transit coming, beware:). No, it is not so violent, always. I have that list:
1. Progressed Moon in progressed 12th house, opposition transit Saturn in the progressed 6th (but in the 9th of the natal chart, and I hope that is helping me)
It is the kind of transit Saturn running behind the moon and it will be November when the transit is gone. It means: depressing experience keeping you at home (in my case).
2. Transit Pluto inconjunct progressed Moon in natal 3rd house
3. Progressed Mars and Venus inconjunct progressed Neptune  and Pluto (mysterieus passion? no way!)
4. Progressed Ascendant inconjunct Mars (after opposition Venus) for inflammation?
5. Transit Pholus opposite progressed Ascendant and semi sextile Mars (turing point in perspective + frustrations): really I doubt if I can make that trip this summer...
6. Lunar chart has Mars on the Ascendant
and finally: that transit of Chiron with Mars and Pluto. 

Even the chart of my husband is involved. His progressed Sun is close to my natal Sun now.  It means that he will also get transit Chiron - Sun soon, because that is what coming up next. 

Now you know why there aren't so many posts, lately. A funny picture I saw has this text: 
I don't know if it is killing me or if it is making me stronger. We'll see...One day I hope to do what they do in the picture above!

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Monday, January 25, 2016

David and Angie Bowie's violent synastry

On my blog 'Astrology &Love' there are numbers of articles about couples, happily married or not. David Bowie seems to have said, that he never loved Angie. Yet, they were married for 10 years and he wrote 'The prettiest star' for her. As Angie Bowie told us, this wasn't a happy marriage. He cheated on her and once he almost strangled her in anger. She was saved by his mistress.

So, you may wonder what synastry brought them together and what separated them. It might be the same force: Pluto. His Pluto square her Venus and her Pluto inconjunct (! the sign of no match) his Sun and Mars. The combination intensifies passion and warns for the danger of using violence. Here is the chart of Bowie with transits of the day of birth of Angie Bowie, whose Mars is close to his Saturn and Pluto in the 7th house.
What kept them together? Their not corresponding Moons don't make it easy to get used to each other's habits, though (as the Moon of David is square hers) the different personalities might have been part of the attraction. Saturn in the 7th house and trine Venus helps to stick to a marriage (feelings of responsibility). As long as she permitted his adventures, why would he leave? But David Bowie has strong indications for divorce in his chart:

1. Mars inconjunct Uranus (also a sign of short fuse)
2. Moon conjunct Saturn
3. Ruler 1 inconjunct ruler 7

So it wouldn't be likely that he would remain married the 1st time. Her Sun square Uranus is also a 'risky' aspect for relationships. As her time of birth is unknown, this is all to see.

Of course, there is more between a man and a woman then we know off and there is more between charts than can be mentioned here. Just the fact that it was marriage nr 1 for a man with his aspects and chart would be enough to expect a divorce later. When there is a Mars-Pluto synastry, the sexual intensity could easily turn into dangerous anger. I wrote about the danger of this combination here: If you have such a synastry aspect, beware and take care. It takes a lot of love (and Venus) to ease this aspect. In the case of David and Angie Bowie, there is not so much Venus, as Venus is also challenged by Pluto. It was a good thing to divorce.

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