Sunday, March 1, 2015

Pisces astrologer Susan Miller

Pisces Susan Miller is a very popular contemporary (sun sign) astrologer with a crowd of dedicated and sometimes depending followers. What in her chart helped her to become an astrologer and a famous one, too? And what in her chart tells us about the lack of sleep to do all that she does (daily horoscopes, celebrity horoscopes, consultations, interviews, hosting Astrology zone
Let’s see. 

I’ll use my usual method to read charts (also see:

1.     Astro ID
Uranus conjunct Ascendant and Pallas (symbol of seeing patterns) on the MC. Jupiter doesn’t make aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. Now we have a prominence of Uranus (angular) and Jupiter (calling!). Jupiter-Uranus is the combination that is linked to (many if not most of the) astrologers, mirroring a helicopter view (‘from above’). For more examples, see Astropost ( for more charts of astrologers)

Mars is also ‘calling’ (no aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees) AND Mars is rising before the Sun on her day of birth. That points at the importance of the planet of energy twice and mirrors the active workaholic, someone who is very productive. An entrepreneur pur sang.

Now we have the Astro ID that could fit on an astrologer or an astronautJ

2.    Character
50% in mutable signs, Sun Pisces, Virgo Moon*) and a Gemini Ascendant, Sun/Moon midpoint in Sagittarius, square Mercury
Mutable =movable
J Sensitivity and mediagenic Pisces with ‘at your service’ Moon and communicative (forever young) Gemini Ascendant.
The midpoint Sun/Moon in Sagittarius square Mercury combination will be motivated by doing it her own way, by ideas and success and because of Mercury this involves communications.

Sun in a narrow square with Uranus and Uranus quatronovile (160d) Jupiter connect the important Uranus and Jupiter (see 1. Astro ID) and repeat the combination of the helicopter view that I found in the charts of (some modern) popes, astronauts and astrologers.
There is Mars inconjunct Saturn as a warning for working too hard!

A dedicated communicator with a helicopter view, motivated by successful communications and: with a tendency to work too hard!

3.    Patterns and points, specials
There is an OOB Pluto biquintile the Sun. Biquintiles are double quintiles and quintiles are the symbols of creativity. A creative way to be a master? Strong willed creativity? You name it.

Aquarius is the sign on cusp X (Midheaven) and Uranus is prominent (angular) in Pisces, so we have independence and originality coming out. 
Successful combinations in astrology are of course those with Jupiter involved. Jupiter-Uranus combinations help you to look far ahead (your helicopoter view) and see what is needed (like in case of astrology) and that is a help. Jupiter-Pluto combinations intensify confidence and so: success (Jupiter in Scorpio – ruled by Pluto – is ‘calling’). A lot of followers and fans will be shown by Jupiter-Neptune (her Jupiter/Neptune midpoint is semi square her Sun/Moon midpoint). Mercury-Jupiter helps to spread the word (and she has the Moon conjunct Mercury/Jupiter midpoint).

Venus opposition Saturn in 3-9 is very tight, but not part of this article that concentrates on the astrologer in the chart. And on how the sun sign manifests itself. She said that Sun Pisces = philosophical and that led her to astrology. With the Pisces Sun biquintile Pluto we get a spiritual compound in her chart.

Of course, with her chart she didn't HAVE to be an astrologer. Circumstances, situations, culture: it all contributed to her chosen career. 


*) Universal Tao says of this combination: a compulsive purist
My Sun-Moon combination is that of a pathfinderJ On Pallas in sign/houses and recoginizing patterns. 

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Chart of the day of birth of an American sniper

The chart of the day of birth of Chris Kyle (born April 8, 1974 in Odessa, Texas) contains the material to make a sniper. I will show you how. 

Of course, not every person born that day became a sniper, but in certain circumstances and situations, with the right gender and health, they could have been that person. I’ll tell you where in the astrological positions on that day, the sniper is. The hour of birth is unknown, so that the angular positions are missing, as well as the right degree of the Scorpio Moon. But, Scorpio Moon IS a courageous moon position, as I mentioned before on this blog. 

As he was born under Aries, with that Scorpio Moon, we get a Martian character, moreover because his Mars is Out of Bounds, drawing attention to activity, energy, manhood, arms, men, work, iron and all other things that are part of the astrological symbol Mars.

What more does it take to become a soldier in war times? I think it takes discipline, courage, a sense of adventure and Mars-Saturn-Pluto for the issue of untimely death. He’s got it. I already mentioned Scorpio Moon with Sun Aries; there is Mars trine Uranus and there is Saturn semi square Mars/Pluto. 

It is not just because of his chart that he became the most lethal sniper in history. As a child he got his first gun and he was a hunter from that moment on. That was with progressed Sun opposition Uranus (for a change in life and lifestyle started by other persons).

He died with a progressed Sun-Uranus aspect, too. When he was murdered his Sun had progressed to the 27th degree of Taurus, inconjunct his natal Uranus. This makes me think that Sun/Moon midpoint was opposite Uranus at birth (so that his birth was in the first hour after midnight, but that is just speculation).

On the day of his death, February 2, 2013, there was also a quindecile (165d) of Progressed Sun and Transit Saturn. The Uranus inconjunct and Saturn quindecile are mirroring, by means of minor t&p’s, the sudden and unexpected event with a loss involved with a very frustrating ending.

Here you see the chart of the day of birth with progressions for February 2, 2013:

This year, 2 years after death, with transit Jupiter trine his Sun the Texas Governor declared February 2 to be ‘Chris Kyle-day’. Jupiter’s trines make a person either more confident and happy or successful, even after death.

It is a fact that the story of Chris Kyle is the story of a hero for one and the story of a murderer for another. Astrology and charts don’t judge. Charts simply show us the potentials. In the chart of the day of birth of Chris Kyle there is a potential for a sniper or a hunter and for a sports man, too. There is more in that chart and there will be even more in a chart with an hour of birth, of course. More famous people were born on April 8,1974, like a medal winning orienteering competitor and an author. It makes a difference where you were born, how you were educated and built, what you do with the potential in your chart. Kyle worked as a bronco rodeo rider, but he hurt his arm and that was also the reason why the Special Forces were his only chance to work in the army. He became a SEAL.

A Sun Aries, Moon Scorpio character (will to win) with Jupiter rising before the sun (for the international), a Mars OOB (for the importance of being a man, of arms, of competing) is now has the starring role as the main character in a film ( . His ‘calling’ Sun (without major aspects in sign) already told us that he’d draw attention, somehow, anyhow, some day.

His autobiography was published with Progressed Sun sextile Mercury – communications highlighted - in that year. Mercury inconjunct Uranus in the natal chart mirrors how his story shocked people.



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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pisces Ascendant: catching

My Ascendant degree is 4 Pisces. With Saturn in early Sagittarius I keep falling! It is almost amazing how my knees don’t break! And how I manage to stand up…Anyway, it is almost Pisces time and with that Ascendant I feel obliged to pay some attention on Ascendant Pisces. The Ascendant is the symbol of how you present yourself and how you see the world. Well, in modern times Neptune rules Pisces and Neptune makes all things vague, diffuse, unreal and idealistic. I am an awake sleep walker, sort of, with colored glasses on. Fortunately, in ancient times Jupiter ruled Pisces and Jupiter is more positive, happy and protecting. The combination of Jupiter and Neptune is the combination of fans and followers, the believing audience and great imagination or illusions. As Jupiter is conjunct my Ascendant but in the 12th house (Pisces house) I surely combine both on my chart’s horizon.

Pisces is one of the signs that pop up in the charts of artists (see my blog Art&Astrology for the pattern of artistic talents). That is because it is a visionary’s sign. Art needs imagination and dreams, to see things that aren’t yet there. You can use the Pisces influence for anything that hasn’t yet materialized. Mediums, media (like the internet and television) and movies belong to Pisces. So does romance, because you see the loved one like no one else sees him or her. Your angel is another person’s devil, perhapsJ.
Pisces Ascendants are a bit fake, perhaps. Let me think aloud a bit...

Is the Pisces Ascendant like a doormat? I think it is sometimes, but not for long. It is just the Ascendant, your door. When you have a Pisces Ascendant your entry is covered in mist, looking soft and slippery. You may have no idea what’s next. You may even be able to bend that door and shape it like you want it and then wipe your feet. The other side of it (the way the Ascendant sees the world) is that it is tricky outside so that you’d better hide or be invisible, be anonymous or on your guard for the emergency exit while seemingly tolerating and understanding it all.  The octopus is one of the creatures that changes color in defense.

The world outside is not what it looks like and there may be more than what you see. That is the message, when you have a Pisces Ascendant. So perhaps there is an overdose of paranoia among those with this Ascendant, as well as an overdose of idealist following on idea or belief and a lot of Pisces Ascendants believing in ghosts.  I don’t know if anyone ever tested this. So it’s just a guess. Isn't that a good end for a not so sure Pisces Ascendant sign story? But, I have another way to look at Pisces. I think of the fisherman, who silently waits for the prey or the beautiful Syren to be caught. Isn't he/she also part of the Pisces story?

I like the description of Pisces Ascendant on Café Astrology, where they mention the changeable (chameleon behavior – especially with Neptune in Libra - or should I say: being able to adjust anywhere?).

Art&Astrology, my blog on the pattern of artistic talents formed by aspects between Moon, Venus and Neptune in signs like Cancer, Taurus, Libra and … Pisces

I don’t like my Ascendant sign. Do you?

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

Happy Valentine!

The chart of Valentine’s day 2015 looks good for lover’s fun. Why? Because Venus is biquintile Jupiter and that's good for creative parties and marriages. Those who celebrate their birthday or will be born on February 14, 2015 may have more than one reason to congratulate themselves. It is the weekend before Carnaval and that is a weekend of music and funny events in the southern part of my country.

It is a good day, but of course: not for all of us. Life and love happens to depend more on genes, situation and circumstances beyond our choices than on our character, feelings and astrology chart. And not to mention: age! I had Progressed Sun conjunct Venus when I was 6 and could have met the love of my life!:)

This year’s Valentine’s day starts in Western Europe with Juno elevated conjunct MC. Juno, you know, is the symbol of the wedded wife and marriage. Meanwhile, Venus and Mars in Pisces are in the 5th house of ‘the other gender’ or playmates, so it is a nice chart to start with.

This Valentine’s Day it is not true that blonds have more fun. Any hair color will have a nice Valentine’s day if their birthday is on March 12 or 13, and Venus is on your natal Sun. Peter Doherty , who completed rehab in January this year, is such a lucky person. But, dear readers, there is a DISCLAIMER!
Transits of Venus are fast, go bye in a second and are light hearted. So if you happened to look the other way, you won’t even notice the beauty when she goes. Important things like meeting a partner happen in important astrological times. That is when there are more than 2 indications.

So, Venus should best be accompanied by progressions in case of serious plans in love. If you just want to have some fun or send a kind little present, Venus’ transits will do.

These days, Valentine's Day is the day that you celebrate with your loved one. Once it was a friends' day. And there was a time when Valentine was a secret lover.  Valentine is flexible. So am I. I use not to use sun signs, but let me have some fun and tell you about your sun sign Valentine day:

Lots of Valentine's Days, Aries have a Venus in the 12th house position and that is great for sending flowers, chocolate and cards to secret loves.

Celebrating Valentine's Day with friends? Have a party!

You may use Valentine's Day to ask or be asked to get married this year. If you already found your love, why not tell the world about it?

Your home is your castle, but maybe this year you should ask your partner for a ride or a flight. If you are single, find your love in a library, a plane, abroad or in a travel agency. No gain, no pain.

Don't buy diamond rings if you can't afford them!

Looking for passion? Or is the romantic dwell of Venus and Mars in Pisces too much? In that case, go to the cinema and see a movie like Fifty Shades. Afterwards, have an ice cream.

Though you like to take it easy, the best way to demonstrate your love is to serve others this year. My advice is to find an easy and clean way to do so.

Bet you are the most desirable and passioned lover this Valentine's weekend! Or maybe you always are?

Love is in the air of the bar, dancing place or cinema for you this Valentine.

Talking about love and sex this Valentine weekend? Talk to someone special...

Find your love and passion in a bank or in the country this Valentine! And if you have one, show your appreciation!

Perfume, roses and a good movie complete Valentine's Day. You are in the mood!

Your personal horoscope can be matched with the advices above, easily, wherever you are.
Keep it cool, be nice and have a great weekend!

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Venus-Pholus: don’t shoot your own lover? See

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Sad birthday for Bobby Brown

His daughter is in coma, with little chance to recover. No birthday celebration yesterday for father Bobby Brown. I wrote about his chart and life before ( ) so I will limit this post to the transit and progressions relatd to his sad situation. Look at transit Saturn ruler 1, opposite Progressed Moon in V (house of children), for example. This is a sign for sadness, in most cases.

Of course, Bobby Brown's chart has more indications at the same time, or else it wouldn't be that bad. Transit Pholus on pr MC, for example, refers to a turning point and transit Pluto near AC mirrors stress. There are benefics as well, coming from Saturn. Saturn ends, Saturn earns respect and Saturn is the symbol of parenthood, too. In short, the chart tells us about worries for others or because of others (Moon opposite Saturn) with stress and intensity around (Pluto-AC) at a turning point in family or social status (Pholus-MC). It is not so that the chart is predicting anything. The chart is just in line with the feelings right now. 

Daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown has Neptune in 8, just like her late mother Whitney Houston, who drowned in a bath. It seems that Bobbi couldn't live with the death of her mother. On February 2 I tweeted about her chart: