Sunday, January 25, 2015

Transit Pluto inconjunct and Jupiter conjunct Pluto -2-

Whatever happy slide you choose to make, be sure it is a happy landing!

I wrote about transit Pluto inconjunct Pluto before ( ) and today I want to add something: it is about values and being valued when you come at age, the age of transits Pluto inconjunct Pluto. It is an aspect of a generation that shows a sliding scale of 'what you are worth' of what you earn and of authority. At that age you often have to defend your value and values. They have to pay the price when the pension funds make less profit, for example. Or they see Mr. Draghi make decisions that undermine the value of their pension. 

When Pluto was in Sagittarius (November 1995-November 2008) the dwarf planet was inconjunct the Pluto in the charts of people born with Pluto in Cancer (the generation of abt July 1913 to October 1937). 
Now Pluto is in Capricorn until January 2024 and after that the generation of Pluto in Virgo will have to deal with Pluto in Aquarius. Pluto inconjunct Pluto happens all the time to people with an age of about 70.

Of course there are individual differences. People may have transits and progressions helping them to find a balance between what they think they are worth and what others may think that they should earn.  One of the helpful transits in 2015 will be Jupiter conjunct Pluto . Those who were born between July 1947 and July 1969 will get the chance to value life more in the way that their chart will indicate (where is your Pluto? in what house?). Exception for those born between October 1968 and April 1969, but they will get the happy transit next year! 

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Jupiter in Leo conjunct Pluto (and trine Sun/MC)

Jupiter in Leo is conjunct the Pluto of my generation now. What could that mean?

Jupiter-Pluto midpoint and aspect combinations use to indicate a sort of a treasure. The Jupiter-Pluto combination is a ‘success combination’.
 I have written about this before, so here is the link:

Transit of Jupiter use to be beneficial. There is a hit and a chance for everyone, every 12 years. But it depends on who you are, where you are and how…

Personally, I expect something good to come out of it. As Jupiter in Leo is trine my Sun and Midheaven, too, my view on this may be ‘poluted’ by feeling OK and happy with a puppy on my lap. Last transit Jupiter on MC she (the puppy) entered my house for the first time. Pluto is in my 6th house to complete the domestic animal picture.

I know of a person whose transits of Jupiter never seem to help much at all, even though her natal Jupiter is in the 5th house of good luck. It is because she doesn’t leave her house much and because there is no possible improvement wherever she could go.
That makes me think that transit of Jupiter require space, room and belief in better days. Allow Jupiter to do his job and use the transits for improvement.  Jupiter conjunct Pluto helps to make things better, though sometimes this requires more than simply ‘wait and see’.

HOUSES of Jupiter conjunct Pluto
Transit Jupiter conjunct Pluto might improve your situation and/or offer you a chance to ‘make it better’ in the way of the house of the transit (so the house of your Pluto).

Well, really? Would it really matter in what house this transit takes place? Let me test this and use my chart as an example. Applying the method of Brady ‘Predictive astrology’ for my chart, the transit through 6 of the rulers of 9/10 and 8 placed in 12 and 6 would mean:

Jupiter conjunct Pluto: increasing wealth, intense happiness 6-12 cause; daily routine/work, health and seclusion  (Because of something in the field of health, daily routine and seclusion)6 situation: daily routine, work or health (in an ordinary situation)9/10 and 8 result: something definitely changes for good re position/condition

This ‘sounds’ like improved health conditions for me and NOT like winning the lottery:).

In aspect with other parts of the chart (like in my case Sun MC and Neptune ruler 1) you may expect even more. As Jupiter is now retrograde and will be back again in June, that may be the moment to tell you what happened. 

But let me have a look at last time Jupiter went over Pluto in the 20th degree of Leo.

I have August 1967 (Jupiter was direct, 1 hit)
I moved to another department in the company that I worked for. Nothing special, except that that was the time that I met someone who was as interested in astrology as I was. I calculated my Moon for the first time.

I have August 1979 (Jupiter direct again, 1 hit)
Someone offered to take care of my child after school, so that I could find a job. This time the 6th house definitely showed! No recall of health issues.

I have July 1991 (Jupiter direct,1 hit)
That was when I knew that the job I had since May was ‘forever’ (I would not be fired, I was to stay, they told me). A 6th house matter indeed. I don't remember anything re health issues.

And now there is a 3 time hit because Jupiter is retrograding. The first time my puppy entered the house (see that post: ) and
 I am not planning to buy 3 dogs. So it must be something else, like health or daily work, I thought. Today (Thursday 22) I went to see a person to discuss my latest blood test results and the conclusion was that it is never been better! She actually told me so with Jupiter at 19d36m04s, spot on trine Midheaven.

Now you may suspect that I planned this, but I didn’t. Because of a flue I couldn’t do the tests and I had to cancel an earlier appointment.
Now one more to go and this time I am planning! Use the ephemeris and see if it works and if you will be content and happy on the day that Jupiter is conjunct your Pluto (Sun or MC).

Jupiter conjunct Pluto improves and makes you feel happy re the house of the transit and the meanings of that house. In your second house it might be during a good advice on financial problems. In the 10th it might improve your status somehow. Well, that still leaves a lot of possible expectations and: my example is one with Sun and MC cooperating. So it may be in a different way in your case and may even go unnoticed as some transits of Jupiter are.

PS Have you read the article on on the astrology that you don't know (or notice) and how it effects you?


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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Transit Pluto inconjunct Pluto (and Mario Draghi (EU))

When you are about age 67 (more or less) transit Pluto will be inconjunct your natal Pluto and challenge or stress your left over potential and strength. It is when you loose some of your authority. Often people quit their job or stop their business (at least, in Europe) at that age. This happenes to the generation of 1947 this year and it will happen to me in 2018. If your Pluto is in aspect with personal planets, an angle or Sun or Moon (either in the birth chart or in the progressed chart) it may have a more specific or special meaning.

An inconjunct of Pluto is often a sign of a price to pay, having to give in and loose power, lack of balance when it comes to values and authority or … winning, BUT not without pain or challenges. I remember a Pluto inconjunct Mars of a sports man who was completely exhausted and gave up his career (sport=Mars). Hilary Clinton will have this transit Pluto inconjunct her possible ruler 1 in the months before the 2016 elections, causing exhaustion and stress. So she’d better prepare.

These kind of transits happen to all of us one day, just like the Saturn transit cycle. They remind you of your age and time running out. Nothing special, usually, but it is a transit to consider when you are or want to be in a position of authority or as a winner or when lots of money are involved.

I have two Dutch examples. A TV reporter in a late night show stopped his late night activities and the final show was with transit Pluto exactly inconjunct his Pluto. Then we have the great coach Guus Hiddink. With transit Pluto inconjunct Pluto there were question marks regarding the results of  the Dutch team and the rumors were that he was getting too old for the job.

More dangerous is, that Mario Draghi, who is in charge of the European Central Bank and whose progressed Sun is square Saturn now, faces transit Pluto inconjunct his Pluto right now in the week of Greek elections when there are to make decisions about a possible Grexit (exit of Greece, with the loss of billions of Euros for all countries participating in helping Greece stay in the EU). The inconjunction doesn’t promise a rose garden... Things might be too difficult and too complicated. Here is the chart of his day of birth with transits and progressions:

This situation is in line with the chart of Europe (see: ). I quote myself:

However, transit Neptune will be conjunct progressed Sun in 2015. It is a very undermining aspect that will be accompanied by the inconjunct Sun-Uranus.
Pluto is part of the word 'Plutocracy'...meaning the power of wealth (and as you see on the picture above wealth comes with power, too:). With Pluto, you pay (and you pay less when you are rich enough:).

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Innovative science; Jupiter-Uranus + Mercury-Saturn

Today I read about Leslie Dewan, born November 27, 1984 and already a celebrated scientist. She is one of the two co-founders of Transatomic Power - innovative way to use nuclear waste for clean and safe energy-. Now what if that could be a success?

In astrology innovations are part of the vocabulary related to Jupiter+Uranus and science is Mercury + Saturn.
Dr Dewan's  chart is in line with that.

There are keys (Jupiter-Uranus) to being innovative, surprising or 'different' in a positive way:
1. Sun in Sagittarius with Moon in Aquarius. Sagitturius is ruled by Jupiter, Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. This combination of Sun and Moon adds to a helicopter view.
2. This goes with Jupiter semi sextile Uranus for innovations, sudden windfalls and a helicopter view

Mercury and Saturn (the combination of science) are special.
3. Mercury and Saturn are  'calling' (not making narrow aspects in sign) for science
4. Saturn rises before the Sun (the classics, status and management come first)
5. Mercury is Out of Bounds (declination 25°42' 6" S), just like Moon and Venus

So, on that particular day in 1984, there was a big chance for a scientist to be innovative! It doesn't mean that everybody born that day was to be a scientist, but whatever that person does will be serious and ambitious and somehow innovative, surprising or 'different' in a positive way. It very much depends on the hour of birth and circumstances, genes, culture and social position in whAt way...

dHere is the chart for that day:


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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

CharlieHebdo charts

Here is the chart of France (5th Republic, source Astrodatabank) with transit Uranus square natal Sun, mirroring the shocking state of the nation (and waking up the hard way, perhaps) following the brutal murders in the office of CharlieHebdo that made millions (and me) sad and angry. UPDATE also see the post on the charts of the terrorist brothers:
CTR + Tap or click in the chart, open new window and maximize the size!
It was not the first terrorist attack in Europe. Madrid and London came first. It wasn't the first time that cartoonists in Europe were the target of terrorists. Denmark was first (see 'Birth chart of a cartoonist in danger'). The attempt to kill free speech in Europe started with Salmon Rushdie. After the brutal murder on Theo van Gogh (see post), threats for not welcome plays, movies or expositions in the eyes of islamists, anxious political correctness and the coming up of IS, it was quite clear that more was to come. Is it strange that now that Saturn entered Sagittarius, that this limited freedom of speech is the issue today?

In France, there were a number of attacks (some with cars) before, and the authorities stated that the men who committed these crimes were isolated lone wolves with psychological problems. Maybe the two brothers could be considered insane as well. They think that hurt feelings  - when their religion is involved - are a license to kill. They believe that their religion allows or even supports this and I am afraid that there are a couple of thousands like them.

Here you see the charts of the moment of the attack with (in transit) the positions on the days of birth of the two murderous brothers. It seems that their parents left them at a very young age. In the chart of the brothers, Sun-Uranus (major and minor aspect) tells us about possible alienation. They sure isolated themselves in the eyes of the majority, on January 7.

There is a Mars-Uranus connection in one of the terrorists' charts. I like to point at the fact that most of the terrorists' charts that I know of contain such a connection, as you can see on my site Astromarkt. Maybe, in case of restricted budgets, secret services could start to follow up on guys (and girls) with such a Mars-Uranus issue, because they are the front liners and the one with the short fuses. See:

I wish that I was brave enough to be Charlie. I am not. I am anonymous and I always weigh my words carefully in spite of my Mercury opposite Uranus, because I am aware of the dangers. There is already such an amount of political correctness and fear in Europe, that in my opinion, freedom of speech has house arrest and will have to be strong to defend itself. The CharlieHebdo crew must have (had) special courage and special drives to dare to shock (and amuse) their public. It is in the nature of a cartoonist to walk on the edge, always. But it's only in the last decades that this might cost them their lives. This attack fuels the already existing tension in Europe. Politicians are afraid of what will happen next and hurry to tell us that we must not be scared. Paris is far far away?

Life went on after 911, after London, after Madrid and nothing much changed except that columnists, cartoonists, cabaretiers and journalist have more and more turned to political correctness, because they love life. Let's hope, that just like in the books of Tolkien, the monsters will be defeated and we can all go back to our garden of flowers as usual, until the next attack. Will we have to get used to this, like in the Middle East, in Nigeria, in Syria? Does this really 'awake' us?

The sixties are past and gone. It seems like there is no more 'Age of Aquarius' (you know the song?) dawning (or has it started in March 2012, read this...).  It looks more like a decline, to the same dark ages that hold the people of countries like Iran, Syria and Nigeria. It will be hard to turn the tides. I am still looking for positive signs for future peace (and I don't mean after being defeated). Have you found any?

To post on 2015
On March 16 Uranus will be square Pluto for the last time since 2011, but this doesn't mean that there will be no more tension and world peace danger after that. It won't be more, that is a fact. The spring chart (the astrological new year's chart) will still have Uranus-Pluto's square within a 5 degree orb and it will last until 2018 to finally fade away. Uranus-Pluto will hit the chart of Vladimir Putin again this year, but won't be exact in Barack Obama's chart. The crisis is getting less in the USA and stronger in Russia these days, in line with the leaders' charts. The charts of the NATO and EURO, however, show difficulties in February/March 2015. It will be tense in Europe. How about ISIS? I don't know. I hope that they will be defeated in the end, but when I see what happens with the Taliban in Afghanistan, I have my serious doubts that there will ever be peace as long as fanatics want us all to surrender as if we live in the books of Tolkien. 

Will truth set us free? Saturn-Neptune:" ideologically based cruelties".

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